I was brought up by the sea – I love it; the sound, the smell, the wildness and the calm, high tide, low tide, in it, out of it. In some ways it kind of represents my life. I have experienced many great highs and deep lows, there have been difficult undercurrents that have affected me deeply. I have had to learn and re-learn how to swim throughout my life – reaching out for help along the way. Although I no longer live near the sea, I try to get back to it when I can, it nourishes me.

I have personally experienced the liberating and amazing effects of cognitive hypnotherapy. It completely changed my life. It helped me to reset old patterns of thoughts, beliefs and behaviour, it is really important for me now to pay this forward.

That is why I trained as a Cognitive Hypnotherapist to master practitioner level. The Cognitive Hypnotherapy approach includes NLP, Coaching, Parts work, EFT-tapping, EMI and Hypnotherapy.

I have also trained specifically in working with children, working with addiction, in AMDR (applied EMDR) – which is an cutting edge approach for working with PTSD and Trauma.


Thank you, Margie. Everything has changed now and I feel so free now I don’t need to worry anymore…since our work together,  I managed to pass many milestones… Thinking back to our first session, I have made so much improvement from our sessions. Thank you very much:)

SD age 15

I saw Margie when I needed help with anxiety and couldn’t sleep because of fears. We worked on it together and it has resolved. I feel a lot more in control. Margie is approachable and our sessions didn’t feel like hard work

MC age 20

Margie is perceptive and compassionate. There aren’t many therapists that I would trust with my tumbleweed, however Margie has been one of them!

HS age 40's

I have worked with Margie with issues that I thought were from fear of moving forward + taking the next step in my career as I was feeling stuck, something was holding me back.  I’m now taking steps forward. I can not recommend Margie highly enough.

MB age 50's